Here are excerpts from the professional press writing about my music:

The boss music is intense in its own way, adding to the feeling of ‘I need to beat this” that I felt each time. I was always on the edge of my seat during a boss fight, my hands shaking on my controller, and the music was one of the major factors in this. The Surge, DAVSGaming.

The Surge sounds simply fantastic. The Surge, Heypoorplayer.

Deck 13 has excelled at adding an element of suspense with their musical and audio cues that give parts of the game somewhat of a horror feeling and is something I enjoyed very much. You’ll be walking down a dark corridor and all of a sudden you’ll hear that classic “horror movie” sound and know that shit is about to hit the fan and it gets your blood pumping. Combined with the pitch black areas and the horrific scenes of blood and death, The Surge manages to just dip its mechanized toe into the horror genre that is in desperate need of more games like this. I would absolutely love to see more Action RPGs in this vein! The Surge, Fextralife.

The soundtrack is different from other games. It matches the tone that Deck13 is trying to make you feel when you're playing The Surge. The music that plays when you are tackling a boss is perfect and sets the mood with a great big thump. Just when you are about to die midway through a boss fight, you hear the soundtrack play, and that gives you a little adrenaline rush that helps you keep going and keep fighting that mega enemy. When you are walking around and exploring, trying to find new areas to explore and you encounter an enemy, the music helps you feel even more bad-ass then when you are chopping a bad guy’s limbs off. The Surge, Gamegrin.

Being an audio engineer [...], I pay a lot of attention to the sound in games. Let’s take a moment to talk about music. Music is used pretty sparingly, and it’s great! When you’re trying to sneak around, there’s just low music to set the mood but it’s mostly ambient sounds so you understand what’s going on around you. Then when you’re spotted, they raise the volume and maybe add another instrument or two. There isn’t creepy music just to be creepy and give you false fear.  Call of Cthulhu, Gamespace.

The soundtrack is always creepy and interesting, perfectly working with every scene. I often couldn’t even tell what instruments were playing. The music distorted in just the right ways to throw me off. Call of Cthulhu, Techraptor.